News Releases

Apr 08, 2014News ReleaseMAGICSTRAP® RFID Device with I˛C Interface Enables Wireless Config During and After Production

Apr 08, 2014News ReleaseMurata Expands HF-Band RFID Tag Product Line for Tracking, Certification and Authentication Apps

Apr 01, 2014News ReleaseMurata Launches New Visual Identity

Feb 11, 2014News ReleaseMonolithic Ceramic Capacitors Developed for Automotive Market

Jan 07, 2014News ReleaseWorld’s Smallest Surface Mount Buzzer

Jan 07, 2014News ReleaseLatest WiFi Module Enables Broadcom’s WICED™ Wi-Fi Based Solutions

Jan 07, 2014News ReleaseAutomotive Quartz Crystal Resonator Offers Decreased Footprint and Effective Price-Point

Jan 07, 2014News Release40ppm Hybrid Crystal Resonator Solution

Jan 07, 2014News Release2016 Size Hermetically Sealed 20ppm Quartz Crystal Resonator - Advanced Wireless Functionality

Dec 19, 2013News ReleaseIf You See It at CES, Murata Has Probably Helped Innovate It

Oct 09, 2013News ReleaseEmbedded Power Inductor and Proprietary Ferrite Substrate Technology

Sep 30, 2013News ReleaseChip Monolithic Ceramic Caps With Greater Capacitance Target Power Supply and Lighting Mkts

Sep 23, 2013News ReleaseGreen IT Council Bestows Chairman’s Award To Murata’s MAGICSTRAP®

Sep 09, 2013News ReleaseElectrical Double-Layer Capacitors with Long Life, High-Temp Reliability Deliver Advanced Solution

Aug 02, 2013News ReleaseMurata To Acquire Crystal Device Manufacturer, Tokyo Denpa

Jun 12, 2013News ReleaseMurata Americas Recognizes Distributors for Outstanding Contributions and Performances

Apr 02, 2013News ReleaseMURATA BOY to be Featured at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry’s Nat'l Robotics Week

Feb 20, 2013News ReleasePCB Mounted RFID TAG Solution from Murata and Cogiscan Wins NPI Award

Jan 07, 2013News ReleaseHigh Peak Current Electrical Double-Layer Capacitors from Murata

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