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Smallest High Pressure Pump Developed by Murata - Innovative Piezoelectric Technology Offers Low Profile and Low Power Consumption

MXB1001 - World’s Smallest Microblower Smyrna, GA, May 22, 2012 - Murata Americas today announced the launch of the world’s smallest microblower. Measuring only 20mm x 20mm x 1.85mm, Murata’s MZB1001 microblower utilizes advanced piezoelectric technology to provide up to 0.8L per minute of airflow and nearly 1.5kPa of air pressure while consuming just 0.2W of power during a typical use.

Using a piezoelectric diaphragm, which vibrates up and down when a sine wave voltage is applied and has been optimized for operation above the normal audible range, the vibrations force air into the microblower and out through a nozzle on the top of the device. Used as an air pump and capable of creating a high air pressure flow, the pump is ideally suited to shorten the duration of high-pressure airflow applications such as an air blower for fuel cells and spot cooling for IC’s and electronic circuitry.

“Murata’s expertise in piezoelectric materials is featured in our miniaturized microblower,” stated Peter Tiller, marketing manager, Murata Americas. “Not only does the microblower provide critical characteristics, such as low power consumption in the lowest profile package available on the market, it does so without sacrificing performance.”

The MXB1001, which is driven by a15Vp-p and 24kHz – 25kHz signal, is available for approximately $8.75 with an order in the 1,000 piece range. Lead times are up to 10 weeks ARO. More information can be found at

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