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Murata's innovative solutions are often not visible to the user, but our electronic components, wireless solutions and power modules are actually pervasive in our day-to-day lives - from consumer devices, healthcare equipment, energy, computer networking, automotive electronics and more.

To learn how our innovations can be used in your applications, please have a look at the "Technology Demos" listed below.

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. Home Energy Management SystemAdvanced power conversion equipment with built-in control system PDF Smart House Brief
. EDLC for High Peak Power AssistFor high reliability applications requiring supercapacitors for high power, short duration energy PDF EDLC Brief
. µDC-DC ConverterPerfect fit for mobile devices, cameras, ebooks, tablets PDF LXDC Brief PDF LXES Brief
. Efficient Power Supply40 & 65 W 2 x 4" AC-DC Power Supplies PDF MVAD Briefs
. Absolute Ultrasonic Positioning for GamingMiniature sensor enables absolute position of game controller PDF Ultrasonic Sensor Brief
. Ultrasonic Gesture RecognitionMiniature ultrasonic sensor enables precise gesture recognition PDF Ultrasonic Sensor Brief
. Wind Velocity Sensor SolutionHigh Frequency Ultrasonic solution to measure wind speed and direction PDF Wind Brief
. RFID Embedded SolutionIdentification and data storage on a PCB through an embedded RFID chip PDF RFID Briefs
. PCB RFID Tracking SolutionTurning your PCB into a RFID Tag for production tracking and beyond PDF RFID Briefs
. NFC Security ApplicationUtilizing NFC for personal secure access applications PDF NFC Briefs
. NFC TechnologiesSolution enabling NFC devices to seamlessly interact PDF NFC Briefs
. MEMS Heartrate DetectionLow noise accelerometer detects physical heart rate PDF Ballistocardiogram Brief
. MEMS Balancing ChallengeBalancing Challenge demonstrating Murata's combo MEMS Sensor PDF Inclinometers Brief
. Micro Air PumpUltra Small, high pressure air moving device PDF Air Pump Brief PDF Microblower Brief 1 PDF Microblower Brief 2 PDF Gyroscopes Brief
. Solar Energy HarvestingDye Sensitized Solar Cell optimized to generate energy from indoor light PDF Energy Harvesters Brief
. Thermoelectric Energy HarvestingUnique ceramic base thermoelectric generator produces energy from heat in high temperature environment PDF Energy Harvesters Brief
. Motion Energy HarvestingPiezo Motion energy harvester generates enough energy from a single touch to transmit wireless signal PDF Energy Harvesters Brief
. Wi-Fi Bluetooth® Module and MiracastOne Stop Solution of Multimedia Environment for Automotive PDF Miracast Brief
. Wireless Mesh NetworkWiFi network on mobile mesh protocol finding and changing appropriate route to Internet PDF WiFi Mesh Brief
. Smart Lighting SystemWireless smart lighting control PDF Smart Lighting Brief
. WiFi Home GatewayWiFi (Wan/Lan) to long range RFIC gateway PDF Gateway Brief
. WiFi Solution for Embedded JavaWiFi solution for Java ME Embedded on small embedded platform PDF Java Brief
. Bluetooth® SMART ModuleThe World's smallest and the lowest power Bluetooth® SMART Module PDF BLE Brief
. WiFi Cloud Connectivity SolutionsWi-Fi to the Cloud Application on the Fast-Track PDF WiFi Cloud Connectivity Brief

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